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Procter Periodical #6


Back at the coal face

A little late but here we go…

WOW what a great time in Belfast thanks to Christopher Murphy and Paul McCormack. I can’t wait to meet the students too. The Students are going to really get a buzz from such passionate and committed staff.

Teaching has started here at Winchester School of Art as well and it’s great to have that change of pace and have the students back. Here are some of the over 350 new Undergraduates joining Winchester School of Art this year ! Welcome!!

I have also moved offices again! I am now sharing with Derek Yates which makes sense and will make podcasting easier. Look out for guests this year as well.

I also got my new iPhone 6s which is rather fantastic and is well worth looking at if you are up for renewal like myself from a 5s.

This fun info on the iPhone specs evolution from 1 to 6S is good:

GPU: 160x
CPU: 70x
RAM: 16x
Screen pixels: 6.5x (14x for 6S plus)
Camera pixels: 6x
Storage: 4x

You can also run tests on your own devices here.

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Education Related

How can paint & pixels come together. The superposition of new art school labs #Schrödingerscat

A Decentralized System for Education and Assessment
I attended DeL 2015 it was great and cemented more of my ideas on a decentralised learning platform and then Doug Belshaw linked to this post which is starting similar ideas! After giving new students a brief talk about nothing being new, I shouldn’t be shocked but I have to admit I was pretty excited to find another person considering decentralised education using the blockchain. I am favouring IPFS as a platform and have already been playing with some prototypes that work this way.

Academics are being hoodwinked into writing books
Interesting look at the often horrid world of Academic publishing.

Labour Pains: Corbyn and the University

The default position of many in university leadership will be to take refuge in the fake centre ground constructed by George Osborne and to cling to it even as a deregulated and under-funded sector subsides all around them. There is no shelter to be found under this ideological mantle.

BBC - BBC Make it Digital launches major content season
In case you missed the start of this season, The BBC3 Girls can Code so far has been interesting especially as the VC person seemed very keen on Edutech! The fear!!

VC Funding Can Be Bad For Your Start-Up

OLH Launches | Open Library of Humanities

The Secret to Better Learning That Most People Don’t Know

Happy Birthday
The example of the ownership of Happy Birthday has been a staple of my talks on Copyright and Creative Commons with Art & Design Students however now finally Happy Birthday has been put into the public domain, and the ownership by Time Warner was erroneous. I suspect there will be more to come as Time Warner appear to have always know this and they have indeed made a lot of money over the years from this one piece of IP.

The No Tech School | Zythepsary
Strange fear of tech in School! Here is a commentary on No tech School guardian article.

And the best way to cheat at school, I wonder? It is to be an ed-tech vendor? Is it also via proprietary software and algorithms? - Audrey Watters

I’ve got a host of notes from DeL as well that I need to do something with and some (eight!) drafted blog posts I really need to get together and publish on researchnot.es ASAP else my WebScience PhD is going to really start slipping (again), costing me a fortune and angering my supervisors.


Design, Thinking and Making


Anna Debenham Image

Web design is now completely boring
One of the many speakers at DeL was Fred Deakin Professor of Interactive Design at UAL had some great stuff to say, one point of many I have also recently been considering is the role of web design and the bland nature we find much of the web in now. I have linked to Andrew Clarke’s recent talk before.

Mozilla Thimble
I have used Thimble a lot for teaching HTML and there is a brand new version out.

Hardstaff - Johnny Hardstaff sketchbooks
Great resource for encouraging students to create sketchbooks and the importance of the sketchbook.

Events - Makerversity

Reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual.
Had to back this!

Apiary — Build beautiful APIs
API resource

IBM’s upcoming blockchain release could change the internet | ExtremeTech
More on the Blockchain tech.

BruceS — *Hurry up, scientists, it may already be too late
Working together and being T-Shaped is important in all disciplines! Especially within Science when there are some major issues to resolve, aka climate change!


Oh, I get it now. ‘Artisan’ is the word you use when a middle-class person makes something a working-class person used to make…

Economies grow from technological innovation - but we’re strangling it, warns Donald Braben http://t.co/qdVkhUlkLe http://t.co/vmZaw2yP6x

My iOS to Mac screenshot workflow
I love Ember from RealMac Software but they stopped work on the iOS app which means it will stop working soon. However this workflow should mean I can still capture on the go straight into Ember via Dropbox.

Matt Locke on Instagram:Doug Englebart’s first mouse at The Smithsonian

Hybrid Design

Designers shooting for usable is like a chef shooting for edible. — Aarron Walter

iOS 9 GUI for Sketch - Design+Code
iOS 9 Sketch resources.

Wait, what?
Mobile web traffic is out beating app traffic 2x… hang on thats not what people have been saying!?

181: The Cathedral and the Bazaar - ShopTalk
Podcast on this seminal text. If you are interested in open source and programming this is a must read.

Anachronistic Beard: a new methodology to make sites work anywhere
HTML rules! As does Bruce.


Users: Please DoNotTrack me
AdTech+Publishers: Screw you

AdTech+Publishers: Please DoNotAdBlock me
Users: Screw you


Just doesn’t feel good – Marco.org
My Favourite iOS developer released an awesome content blocker using Ghostery’s database but had a change of heart with being the gate keeper. The web needs to changes and the start is to block the current terrible tracking and terrible advertising business models that are predominate across the web now. There is other ways to pay for content online that respects the audience. WIRED

Pat Kane and Paul Mason on Post-Capitalism
Have been fortunate enough to hear Pat talk about the Play Ethic and this panel is great.

P2P And Open Infrastructures: The Rise Of Open Society

Kickstarter re-incorporates
Fantastic move as Kickstarter focuses its mission on altruism over profit.

Has the golden moment for Indie developers gone. And marketing, discovery going to trample on what was looking like the great Bedroom coders revival??


Life on Twitter
More ways to look at your twitter life.

Everton F. C. uses drones to film training
Adafruit Industries

Ex-hedge funder
buys rights to AIDS drug and raises price from $13.50 to $750 per pill. Just wrong!

Did an elephant-dolphin-cat named Bing Bong make me cry a little as he faded into imaginary nothingness somewhere over the pacific? Maaaybe. - Craig Mod

Music & Film

One link this week. Ryan Adams has released his version of Taylor Swift’s 1989, I had many friends point me to Taylor Swift and I was pretty sure I would really like her stuff but it was just too pop for my liking, well the songs are absolutely stunning and Ryan is on top form. Also on Beats 1 Ryan revealed his next Album was complete and for hardcore fans it will be much like Love is Hell! Possibly my favourite Album, I saw this tour way back in the Paradiso in Amsterdam which I recommend a visit if you ever get a chance.

1989 Rdio link

Me elsewhere


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Thanks again for your time and have a great week !