Welcome (23rd Feb 2015)

Procter Periodical #7

I'm still here!

So you will be forgiven for thinking this Periodical was dead. I didn't manage to sustain my schedule for Semester 1 or even 5 weeks of Semester 2 and I hinted at changes in Early jan well now I am back. The Periodical will now be once a month with more curation and more context planned. This means less links in the letter but you can still find them by viewing my Twitter hearts (I know I preferred favs too) and of course frequent visits to http://dctr.pro will keep you overflowing with links.

A lot has been happening indeed, I am in the middle of a digital to physical Mini Golf project and have written the Games course ethos. I'm seeing if I can migrate from laptop to iPad Pro and have to report the Apple Pencil is amazing and feels like the key to unlock the power of the sketchbook and laptop combined.

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So I wrote this and would love to get more feedback.PhD Abstract

Aral also shared it with his followers and Steve Wheeler commented ! So this made my week.

I tried to run a workshop looking at Blackboard to kick start some of my research only to find that apathy towards the platform was much higher than I expected. This in fact really helps my case but was a little disappointing.

Iím trying again this week...

However Blackboard have recently made some leaps and bound in design† and I am actually pleased, even if it scares my PhD into even deeper territory!

There is a rather big Open Badges in HE conference here at the University of Southampton too. Ill be there so say hello if your coming on the 8th of March.

Design Thinking

The rather awesome Andrew Lister launched Bricks from the Kiln

Watch out for an inkubator podcast soon talking with Andrew about this new publication.

IDEO wrote about the next big thing in Design which is super exciting.

Hybrid Design

I am planning to learn P5.js, more Unity and some more Ardunio to help embrace the processes around Hybrid Design concepts this year (2016). I am adamant that we are moving into a new phase that could transform design process and I am sure that a new era of visual coding is coming, not sure exactly when but Iíll keep you posted.


Day One 2 (bad name) was released and is a great journaling app.

I still wait with baited breath for the update of Ulysses for iPhone and iPad Pro however as I feel this will change my approaches to writing.

Day One App

Walking Map for London - this is something I wanted and now have

Music & Film

I watched the new Star Wars and I highly recommend it and if you have access to iPlayer check out the video games football special.

BBC Radio 5 Special

I had to move from Rdio which has been no fun at all, I backed Apple Music as the only company with enough spare money to be happy to lose money on streaming music and not introduce some other horrible revenue stream.

Lots of stuff I like is 10 years old which is worrying.


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Thanks again for your time and see you mid March (aka next release is 4 weeks)!

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