Welcome (14th August 2015)

Procter Periodical #3


Here we are again, yay!


I have been away on the Isle of Wight and have had a rather nice time being less connected than usual. Although frustrating at times to not have any mobile signal! It proved to be a well earn't break. I am off the day job until September and am enjoying a much anticipated and much needed break from the day job hanging out with the family.

I'm a good couple of weeks behind on my twitter lists and so expect the next newsletter to be super jam packed. I have been getting better at saving my tweets to delicious to better organise the links. Laura Kalbag suggested it try Hemingway App to compose my newsletter text and then paste into Sendy which I seems to be optimising my workflow but more importantly reduce's the chance of typos !

Current Kindle reading

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Now lets do this !

Big News



The very first indietech application was launched in private alpha this week. The team at ind.ie have been working hard on Heartbeat and its related components, its great. If you want to join up at this early stage its only $100 but there are limited spots. Check out the forum and source too ! 

Neoliberalist capitalist model is over

Paul Mason offers hope, do you every recall being told that automation and such would reduce our need to work, love opensource and more then catch this 3min video.

Education related


Derek Yates writes on his site about Nicky Morgan, employability & creative education. A interesting and thought provoking piece.

Design and Tech National Curriculum document

The updates to the national curriculum are actually pretty good but we need to give people the time to implement them.

Your favourite educators on Twitter

Nominate the ones you want. Obviously I told them Steve Wheeler and Audrey Watter!

Learning online guide

Looks like a great guide to support students learning online. Found via the Creative Coding Futurelearn course I am currently attempting to keep up with !

Whitehouse secret HE meeting

I like this quote;

I’m getting exceptionally irritated with the narrative of higher education is broken and universities haven’t changed. This is one of the most inaccurate pieces of @#%$ floating around in the "disrupt and transform" learning crowd. Universities are exceptional at innovating and changing.

The draft for teachers

Teaching Centre parody video.

Data mining

Its happening everywhere so you know the Students are next, this can only spell disaster and privacy invasion.

Design Thinking and Making

Design and Climate

A free online conference about Design and Climate change, get here and tell them if you think this is a good idea ! I do !!

Recolour icons

I love the Noun Project and here is a quick guide to recolouring all those black icons using only a web app!

Best book covers of 2015

Guardian link.

Web Accessibilty guide

A really nice resource to learn about web accessibility.

Mystery Meat

Why that navigation is still terrible!

Windows 10 has some great error messages.



I noticed that Editorial App had started supporting a new format, fountain and discovered is was a markdown variation for screenwriting. I have played with other apps such as Celtx in the past when working within media production as  Final draft had cornered the market and was expensive for what is basically a simple formatting app.

Getting more done

Health benefits of gaming. 

Rescue time

Track your app usage and be more productive. This is really nice. I don't check my stats enough.

Storyboard research 

A better way at organising your research.

Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it. - Brian Kernighan and P. J. Plauger


Scratch Conference hashtag

Some interesting stuff on this hashtag indeed.


Beck, innovative gaming, count me in.


Fun predictions that missed out the core principles. Even when technology changes some parts are not what expect.


Adafruit YouTube channel looks great. 

Danny Aldred has sent his awesome book on the future off publishing of to print Code-X. Made by Winchester School of Arts very own Design Studio, Studio 3015.


RFID chips on NFL players

Cool, I like this. 

Mastering Bitcoin

This book is bound to prove useful in the future.

Reading list

An alternative summer reading list for MPs crowd sourced by the people.

iTunes is illegal

Not because the UI is so terrible these days either, great article.

Mario maker

Got a Wii U this should be great!

BBC attack starts

And so it begins the 'free' press lambasting the BBC.


A Holiday book store find.


I always like this see other peoples first home screens especially developer and power users so her is my current iPhone and iPad. 


Music & Film

Editors new music video

Check it out.

Inside Out trailer

I hate watching trailers or knowing anything in advance of a good film so if like me I really really suggest you do NOT watch the trailer and just go see the new Pixar film, its a 10 out of 10 easy.

Me elsewhere


Thanks for your time and have a great weekend ! 

P.s.If anyone can tell me which space ship this looks like I would be grateful. Battlestar Galactica? Silent Running ?