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Procter Periodical #8



Another month+

Apologies for sending this twice a couple of links where broken, sorry about that.

Time flies so here is my latest curated periodical from the last month and a bit. Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter or check out dctr.pro for many more links.

Sharing is such a positive action especially sharing knowledge which is why I am a massive fan of open source and creative commons. So if you like anything you read below let me know and of course share it!

The BA Games Design & Art students have a big event on May the 27th in the Cube Southampton (student union space) Specifically the second years have been making a lot of progress within the Games Development module producing Vertical Slice type prototypes for presentation and play at this event. You can however play test a development version of SOUNDeSCAPE online already and provide feedback. If you can spare five minutes to do so it would be much appreciated.

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After a dead patch in my PhD I recently had a fantastic spell which has led to a little bit of a slower period again however I am pretty excited.

I produced some writing while trying to address the thorny issue of my research question, as commented by Steve Wheeler on my blog! In doing so, I didn’t resolve that issue but I noted some key themes, ideas and text which triggered a chain reaction culminating in a prototype that I showed some staff and one of my supervisors (Seth Giddings) which they seemed pretty excited about. I am building a few more things and will share a demo on researchnot.es as soon as I can. Please do visit the blog and comment. I have finally commissioned a games student to illustrate my blog as well so expect  better looking posts.

Audrey Watters wrote a great piece on the Blockchain and Education. The block chain within education is something I am planning to investigate within my PhD work, Audrey touches on some really good points.

The Ideology of the Blockchain (for Education)

The Hololens is coming The Next Web

Mozillas Learning Network has some great resources for teaching web literacy.

Digital is not the future - Hacking the institution from the inside

The Chap - Student Experience - Single

Design Thinking

Open Culture dot com is such a great resource and recently they released for free access to original Bauhaus books & journals: Gropius, Klee, Kandinsky, Moholy-Nagy & More.

Open Culture

And apparently your not being taught properly if your designing posters or doing group work!! Well Tom It might not be teaching but it sure is LEARNING! Strange comments from this Education Czar.

Hybrid Design

Interactive narratives are certainly coming into vogue and I have a feeling they will be huge in the evolution of gaming and interactive books so here is are some current links.

Radio 4 History of the Interactive Narrative

Twine - simple tool to create interactive text games

YarnSpinner - A twine style editing app and package for Unity, Ive played with this for less then an hour but it looks amazing.

Fungus - An alternative unity package but I think YarnSpinner will pip this one.

Knights and Bikes along with Night in the Woods use YarnSpinner.

Designing with knit, if you needed to reknit Tom Bakers scarf the BBC costume department had you covered with the step by step instructions.


Ulysses is a writing app I mentioned in a previous newsletter, well the iOS update was released along side a substantial Mac update, this is by far the best writing tool out there, get it. Ulysses

Taskpaper has been updated recently to version 3 and is still probably hands down the most amazingly simple to do app that you can get on a Mac.

I wrote about the game changer that is the iPad Pro.

Fantastical received native exchange support and is the hands down the best Calendar app out there.

Planning a Game Jam? I am pretty confident this new venue will improve your productivity.

Music & Film

Watched the films Steve Jobs & The Lady in a Van both great.

Being Evel is a great documentary on Evel Knievel.

I am super excited about No Man’s Sky imminent release (June 21st) so check out this blog on how 65 days of static created the Music for a procedurally generated universe.

How to soundtrack a universe - in five easy steps

And check out these Albums:

Electronic 80’s style up beat tunes. VHS Glitch

Liima is a new band comprised of Tatu Rönkkö + Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg of Efterklang. Liima

Haunting orchestral soundscapes,if you like Steve Reich this is for you. Swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist Anna von Hausswolff.

One fantastically experimental group, fun up beat stuff include a song all about poisons! Yeasayer

Me elsewhere






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Thanks for reading.

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See you mid May!


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