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Procter Periodical #4


Stupid typos!

At the time of reading I should be somewhere between Hamble and the Isle of Wight on a Beneteau First 40.7 thanks to my friends at Intermedia Solutions. I’m pretty excited as I have never been sailing before. Thankfully my Brother in Law has all the gear and so I am ready to go ! Before I left…

So after last time I really did think there would be no typos creeping in! However not typos but missing words and grammar issues did (again). So I have now migrated back to my favourite writing app Folding Text and outputting the html via Marked 2 and then pasting into Sendy. Which I found more fruitful. I do however need to allow more proof reading time! I have yet to make adjustments from the Zurb foundation template however issue 3 seemed to be responsive in Firefox now which is good.

Over the last 2 weeks I still know I missed a link or two as I wanted to include a pastiche of 90’s internet on a single page I found but I cannot relocate so am now really trying to making sure I favourite all the tweets I enjoy and get better at saving stuff to review for the newsletter!

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Very Sad news

Shoreham, England, is not too far from me and last weekend during an air show a jet plane crashed onto the A27 killing at least 11 individuals. Whilst I do not know anyone involved, I was moved by such a tragic event as this was truly the wrong place at the wrong time. Ive been stuck thinking if only. I recall once in my own car I had to suddenly slow to a stop on a motorway, my daughter was asleep in her car seat in the back and all I could see in my rear view mirror was a large truck obviously unable to stop, the truck flew past my car, inches away, I still recall this image with fear and what if's. My thoughts are with the people, family and friends involved in such a tragic accident.

Education related

Single Most Important Development in Edtech in Last 2 Years…
And guess what … it’s not the technology ! (thankfully)

Education - Independent
Not sure I agree with the headline warning of future games only being designed by ‘spotty nerds’! However in principle this is a great article as more art and design skills are indeed required in the games industry and a big part of why we created the BA Games Design & Art course at Winchester School of Art.

The move for STEAM not STEM in the UK is fantastic too, this link is to a US movement calling for the same.

STEM education is necessary but it is not sufficient – we must have STEAM education – our future is at risk otherwise.

Everyone remember where we parked…
The more I read around corporate Edutech the more I realise that many mistakenly disregard history or don’t do there research.

Teaching Machines and Turing Machines: The History of the Future of Labor and Learning
Audrey Watters Keynote at Digital Pedagogy Lab 2015 Institute.

Designs on eLearning Conference
Im going to this event.

All the elements you ever need ! 


Design, Thinking and Making

The challenge now is to create compelling communication in a world where anyone can design – Russell Holmes, Creative Strategy Partner, Ico

SmashingConf LA 2015
Andrew Clarke on “Creativity Over Predictability”.

Old skool game design
Toru Iwatani shows his original drafts for Pac-Man!

Aral Balkan - Privacy, Data, Democracy
As you know I’m on the Heartbeat Beta, in this keynote Aral talks about the launch and why he is making Heartbeat.

Follow up article
The link around privacy and digital slavery is really interesting.

Design thinking comes of age.
Design thinking and its ongoing influence on all sectors of work and play.

TED Talk
Great design is serious, not solemn

Fitts Law
Why do you think the mac menu bar is at the top … well they are driven by design at the core, and why if like me you could never get your head round the Start button Windows madness. Fitts’ Law is arguably the most important formula in the field of human-computer interaction.

Why Lean UX
Why old processes don’t work in a digital world.

Web Animations Tutorial - Code School
Code School do some great training and Web animation is a booming area to look at.

10 Essential Software Programs for Designers and Artist
Phaser is awesome for making games, I ran a workshop using Mighty Editor in the past, this blog is great.

21 Free Learning Resources for Game Developers
A well curated list is always good!

Self-Publishing Is Good for You … and Authors and the Book Industry

Writ - Opinionated, classless styles for semantic HTML
Drag and drop styling of markdown for the web

Winchester School of Art MA Show opened this week, I have yet to return to work but it looks pretty good. Here is a link to the MA Communication Design website. Staff James Branch and Andy Lapham are well worth following too.

Guidelines for Letterspacing Type | John D. Jameson
Nice and simple for anyone to apply to improve the readability of text.

6 Web design mistakes (and how to correct them)
Nice tips to be a better designer in this instance applied to the web.

Pixel Maps
Make cool pixel maps.

Paper, plastic and pixels
For those of you that know me, know I am a massive Brendan Dawes fan, and here is another awesome talk by him.


Connect Apps and Actions together on iOS.

Like workflow however this is web based.

Christopher Murphy is one great guy, this will be good indeed.

A Good Writer Is a Good Thinker
This article is by Christopher Murphy too and I am trying to write more to capture my thoughts so hopefully this will pan out !


This is how you wrote code in 1978. On paper. In hex.

The Best Math Apps And Games
I am constantly reminded how important Math is and wish I was more equipped! 

Would you pass a GCSE maths exam?
Have a go at some example questions to see what GCSE maths is like now.

IPFS & Ethereum
The next web will be Peer to Peer. It will probably need to be if we are not to be spied upon here is some techinical stuff.

Radio 4
Vinay Gupta is ace and I totally recommend all the stuff he is involved in, I will be linked more of his stuff in future newsletters for sure

A better world won’t be won with votes, guns, bombs, or tanks. It will be won with encryption, 3D printing, meshnets, drones, and bitcoin. – Roger Ver


Node removal from OS X
If like me you play with stuff like me you can really get stuck if you can remove it, this does this for Node!

The End of the Internet Dream? — Backchannel — Medium
I attended Go Lang UK last week which was excellent and being less technical than everyone there I talked alot about why I had got interested in web design and my love of the internet and this article reminded me that we need to keep reminding ourselves why the internet is great.

We had higher hopes for the Internet. The Internet was a place where everyone could be a publisher and a creator. The Internet was global.

Whispered secrets
Great talk on Privacy and Secrecy using Go Lang, Eleanor McHugh knows her stuff indeed!

Be patient, be helpful, be kind. - David Calavera outlining the ethos for the Go Lang Commmunity at Go Lang UK

EFF announces 2015 Pioneer Award winners

EFF are great

I don’t have many hard and fast rules about coding but please remember that code is for humans to read, it’s not for the computer. - Seb Lee-Delisle


The rebirth of the Levellers | Ted Vallance
The Levellers was intresting and they maybe coming back to the UK!(kind of)

Twisted Tree Games
This looks like it should be great.

Could ad blocking and tracker blocking become the norm on the web. We can but hope. Marco writes about it here. Ghostery and AdBlock Plus are my weapons of choice.

iOS 9 Content Blocking
A default in the new iOS system, makes massive speed differences!

The economic myth of robotics and the robot job-ocalypse
We all think of robots taking over but maybe not so, however see Periodical #3 and Paul Mason's link.

Read receipts on?
I like them on, I’m not worried about a response but more that I have informed the receiver of something and I know they got it. This article means I understand why some people turn it off as much as that annoys me!

Need Edition
I cant order as they only ship in the US and Canada, but great stuff for men you can then source elsewhere.

Spotify changes privacy policy
Even when you pay, products spy on you. Spotify seem to be trying to back track, much like Instagram did but the fact they even try these tricks is a core problem.

Music & Film

’We could have sold 200,000 more records if we hid us boys out of view
Good on you Chvrches!

We could have sold 200,000 more albums if we’d hidden Iain and I from view and put Lauren on the cover of every magazine. But there’s 100 of those acts and that stuff goes away. 

SoundCloud link to latest Single. (embedded below)



Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank

Alan Partridge had some great ideas for new shows! This one has almost come true.

I DREAM OF WIRES - Official Trailer
Synth doc. Yep.

UE ROLL Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speakers | Ultimate Ears
Looks pretty cool.

Using Spotify to measure the popularity of older music
Infographic on Music anyone.

Me elsewhere


Thanks for your time and have a great weekend !

P.s I often find my mind runs 'fast' and there is too much going on in there. So this game is great and will likely feature in my daily routine to relax (I also want to look up more mindful stuff)